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First Impressions - What is choice? Why do some customers choose you over your competition, others choose your competition over you. Why should you choose us? The internet and the proliferation of cheap printing has opened up the market and meant that images and branding have never been more important in this decision. The act of choice can be as simple as you not ‘appearing’ to be what your customer wants or expects. We can create a slick, professional visual style that can help give people faith in what you’re offering them. Choose White Room to help people choose you.

Let You Be You - At the core of what’s made our business successful is our focus on the businesses and people we work with. We look to build a relationship, to know who you are and what you want to say to your customers through your media. That way we can always produce the images that best describe your brand.

What’s Next? - We’re true geeks at heart. We always have our teeth in the newest software, equipment and gadgets to keep things fresh. This way our customers get the best of what’s new and we get our hands on the coolest toys.

Home Sweet Home – We’re a Margate based company and proud of it. As a town it’s going through a revolution and we’re glad to be one of the businesses in that creative mix. With this as our base we do standard residential shoots throughout Kent and premium residential and commercial shoots throughout the country.

Only The Best – We want our staff to be heavyweights in what ever field of photography they’re working. We only hire people who can show a real passion and talent for photography and we’re always looking to nurture this. We run intensive training programs to make sure all members produce only at the highest standards but we only see this as a first step. We encourage all members of the team to add ideas as to the direction of the business and any ways we can improve our service. We also try to support their personal art work, to help them grow creatively and see them improve in every aspect of photography.