White Room Property Floorplans

Floor Plans

We produce detailed and accurate floor plans for your property to add another dimension to your sales package. Floor plans allow potential customers to fully gauge the size and layout of your property, which, in conjunction with photography, can allow them to create a strong understanding of how they could utilise the space.



Energy Performance Certificates or EPCs, are used to assess the energy efficiency of a property. This will include an assessment of heat loss through external walls, boiler efficiency, heating systems as well as a list of recommendations to improve the efficiency of your house/flat. All properties for rent or sale legally require an up-to-date EPC.


Blue Skies

White Room Property Photography - Blue Sky-1

The British weather is temperamental at best so to ensure that your details have that summer feel we can add the blue skies in post production. We have developed a number of editing techniques to make sure that all changes look as realistic as possible and we do this for very reasonable rates.

All photography shoots come with a blue sky for the front external if needed but for smaller properties, or for older stock, this can be the perfect way to breathe in new life into your photos.




With comparison websites showing the full range of properties in your area in one go, it can be difficult to stand out. A twilight shot can be the difference. By lighting your property at dusk you can intensify colours and create a striking, but elegant, mood for your house.




CGI can function as the perfect marketing tool for new build developments, allowing potential customers to have a realistic visual impression well before the development is completed. By using White Room our team can create the most realistic images in a time frame to suit you, meaning you can complete promotional material, and start marketing earlier.

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